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SleepFree Inc.

Jun 30, 2021


John has perfected his lucid dream masterpiece and moves to transmit it to Ray, the first real test to see if he can change a man with his dreams. There are hints throughout the story, but I enjoy thinking about this aspect of the SleepFree world. What it would be like if someone started changing your life as you...

Jun 24, 2021


As trust increases between John and Jane, he reveals more of the plan, including a new lucid dream designed to test Cumulus. Jane makes clear to the puppet master just how hard it is to love a man and lie to him.

Jun 16, 2021


John begins to transform under the influence of the Cumulus Drug. With Jane as a confidant in the plan, she expects more involvement, opening a door for us to learn about transferring dream content. I wrote Chapter 37 after years of trying to become a lucid dreamer and finally experiencing a flying dream, my...

Jun 9, 2021

Showing Jane the secret laboratory only wets her appetite for more. Whatever John does in his free time, Jane wants to know...and she wants to be included.

Jun 2, 2021


You can only date someone so long before they will question what is behind the locked door in your two bedroom apartment. Jane is not afraid to challenge John and push him to reveal his secrets in this latest episode. And John must come clean with his parents on the existence of a new girlfriend. His efforts to...